Ho slotcar track planning software

This list does not include railmodeller express and sketchup as we do not. Slot car corner llc provides a wide variety of innovative, highquality 1. Hobbylinc carries over 700 ho scale nickel silver model train track at discounts up to 89%. A few years ago i decided to build a custom hand routed slot car track for myself. Track planning software choices when i started in the hobby the only way to draw a track plan was to do it by hand with a pencil, eraser, ruler, and geometry set. It was built to be portable, so we took it to many events.

With the help of some friends, it turned out really nice. Most of these plans are designed for carrera, sport, scalextric classic. It has a very fast, long straight of 75 inches 6 14 ft with nice wide turns entering and exiting it. Railmodeller pro is a planning tool for designing model railroad and slot car layouts. Ultimate racer is yet another free race track planning software for windows. Layout designer software archive slot car talk slot. The layout planner has the ability to automatically place track borders and planning of track sections needed for creating 4, 6 and even 8 lane slot track layouts. This list does not include railmodeller express and sketchup as we do not host those files here at slot track pro. For years i used the all gauges track planning template in the back of kalmbachs book 101 track plans for model railroaders by veteran model railroader linn westcott. Model flextrack routes in an easy, intuitive and realistic way. One thing i would love is for an option for the track pieces to be color coded. This software allows you to create and customize your very own layout, view it as a 3d model and then generate a shopping list to make your dream layout a reality. The most popular ho scale nickel silver model train track brands include atlas.

The two bearings not shown in photo but would go under the wing nuts provide the pivot guide and are held against. Chronicled is our story of building a home slot car. Its also entirely independent, so you can build with almost any track. More than 250 libraries for model railroad track systems included featuring more than 6000 track elements and accessories, truscale libraries signals, accessories adapting automatically to all model scales. Exclusive worldwide distributor of cb design wheels and quick slicks. This is a condensed version of the rebuilding of our track. The things that have been applied to this race track are my personal chooses. I have heard some 2 racers have had success with silicone based. Race management system and track design software for slot racers ultimate racer is a lap counter, lap timer and track layout editor. This is all taken from the hrw forum version put into a format that might be easier for you to reference if needed. The multiple holes provide for gutter offets of 6 for the different radius curves. Ho slotcar track is the most popular of the 4 slot cars ho scale categories, then ho slotcar parts, and ho slotcar cars.

Scalextric track designer is the ultimate track building tool. Most of the software listed here can be used for 1. In this instructable, i show you how i took a pile of track and a door and made it into a great looking raceway that can be set up in a few mome. Plastic track can shrink up over a 12 within a 15 foot span if the track gets cold. People were always complimenting it and many of them suggested i should start building and selling tracks. Enjoy designing your layout anyrail ensures everything fits. So you have a bunch of slot car track, its a fun little hobby, fast challenging and relatively cheap. Choosing the tall rail will increase the price of your track, but i think most magnet car racers will find it worth it. With this application you are able to search the ncphobbies catalogs to compare prices or see what is available if you are in a store or driving in your car. Nov 22, 2018 ho slot car track layouts that i have put together. If you are aware of any other slot track designer programs please let us know so we can add it to slot track pro. Plastic and scratchbuilt tracks are possible track systems.

Cad based software will guarantee everything will fit and operate as designed. The layout of the blue king is probably the most wellknown and successful slot car track design ever. I have been racing and collecting ho scale slot cars since the 1960s, when i purchased my first aurora model motoring set as a young boy. Anyrail makes model railroad design so easy, its fun. This web site is dedicated to ho slot car racing, collecting, restoration, track design, electronics and software. These cool billboards are ready to assemble and print on any color printer and will add a really nice touch of realism on your own tracks in these crazy times where any crap is for sale at outrageous prices on ebay or other auctions sites. Scarm the leading design software for model railroad layouts. From there you can download the latest releases of the software described here. Carrera track layout planner slot car track design. The links provided below take you directly to the respective authors web sites. Most people end up buying more track, to make more interesting layouts, and some go on to make their own routed. Scarm means simple computer aided railway modeller a free software for simplified design of scaled railway layouts and creation of railroad model track plans. Anyrail is probably the easiesttouse model railway design tool around. It packs a lot of track into the space without making it feel overwhelming.

Any shrinkage will result in curled track and popped connections if the track is screwed or nailed to the table. Is it known who was the original designer and creator. The design of the track layout you race on can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of slot racing, and although there are many personal preferences involved, most people quickly outgrow the limits of the set they started out with. Forum for all forms of ho scale slot car racing, from stock tjets to unlimited ho rocketships. Can someone recommend track design software that is suitable for afx track or am i better with good old pen and paper. Railmodeller express for mac free railmodeller pro. The carrera track layout planner allows you to design slot car tracks using carrera exclusiv, evolution, profi and go track types.

Plans i have seen before either have thin color lines that you cannot see very well. I intended to do a combination ho train and slot track originally in our 30x30 cave but, like dan said, when i was planning it became painfully obvious that one or the other would suffer so i decided on the slots with an emphasis on racing magnet cars. Autorennbahnplaner carrera circuit planning slot carunion. Your source for ho slot car racing sets, track, parts, and accessories from aurora, afx, tyco, life like, model motoring and more since 1999. In this video you can see my do it yourself slotcar track. Taking your ho scale slot car track to the next level cheaply. Slot car free software slot car store, ho, 2, and 1.

This excellent 3d software includes the full scalextric track inventory and comes complete with a builtin room designer. The slottrak program functions as a lap counter and lap timer for any scale slotcar track. Well that answer may be dependent on whether you need a pc version or mac version and whether you want to design scalextrix track layouts or carrera track. The software allows you to enter your own track inventory and will calculate the different track sections needed to complete a layout. Racer is a popular user friendly slot car race pc lap counter laptimer software for. Railmodeller express is the free edition of our app portfolio for planning model railroad and slot car layouts on. Feb 16, 2016 4x8 track layouts page 2 slot car illustrated forum. In addition to simple counting and timing, it will run various types of races complete with lane rotations and optional power control to the track.

The start of a series of videos showing our progress. Introductory video explaingin our shop demo tracks table. Slot car talk slot car racing forums slot car talk ho scale layout designer software. It offers scalextric fans the chance to plan workable tracks, including multilane layouts, before getting down to. This can be as simple as entering a cars name, or you can take it much further and keep track of brands, reference numbers, categories, racing numbers and even technical information like gear ratios and maintenance history. Select pieces from atlas 9 track lines and build your dream layout with ease. Top slot track designer software the best slot car track. This page is a compilation of software programs useful to ho slot car racers. With scarm you can easily create your desired layout just download the installation package and start editing your first track plan. This afx racing ho slot car track fits on a folding table 2. After testing the software you can buy the full version in benefiting from an 20% discount on the normal price simply by entering the promotional code scu2015 in the grasp of the order on after entering the discount code, due to technical constraints, the discount will appear at the end of the software buying process, upon payment by paypal on. Ultimate racers layout editor is a powerful but easy to use slot track design tool. See more ideas about ho slot cars, slot cars and slot. Atlas track planning software atlas model railroad.

Create trackplans for model railroad trains and slot cars was. See more ideas about slot car tracks, ho slot cars and slot. This is a complete index of 151 plans published in model car racing magazine and in four books for 2 scale track, including 38 plans for 5 x 9foot pingpong tables, and 14 for 4 x 8foot areas plus another 99 for larger spaces. The slotcar database is where you enter the details of your slotcars. Ho slotcar 4 lane large layout revenge this track has to be one of the most challenging tracks i have designed so far. For helping with the design of my track i used ultimate racer 3. The 6 lane version is the tan track at the fray in ferndale. Shop online for 85 slot cars ho scale at discounts up to 52%. It is designed for any scale, style or brand of slot track, including scalextric, carrera, ninco and routed wooden tracks, from single lane rally tracks to. You can always use one of the many free track planning software tools to help you plan your layout. Anyrail the easiest model railroad design software. This is a top notch program for designing sectional track plans using a large.

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