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This is a very similar process to if youve ever authorised a device to connect to facebook or twitter. It stands for geocaching swiss army knife, a pcbased tool that is fantastic for tracking all of the caches that you have done and all of the caches that you want to do. Gsak is the free geocaching swiss army knife software that manages multiple databases of geocaches and waypoints. Geocaching swiss army knife gsak the all in one geocaching and waypoint management tool.

Instant notifications, caches along a route, pocket queries, statistics, and more. Gsak geocachers compass geocaching swiss army knife. Like gsak, you must first download your my finds from, then. However a quick summary is that groundspeak gpx files are computer files that contain information about geocaches. Pocket query types o individual gpx single cache, ondemand o standard pq caches in a wide area, scheduled o bookmark pq userdefined set of caches, scheduled o user route pq caches within a user defined corridor, scheduled o my finds pq all your found caches, ondemand individual gpx standard pq bookmark pq user route pq my finds pq. The beginner course is free for now when you click the picture above. If for a day out, it just needs to be large enough to cover the area you will be caching in. I had some older answers on this page as part of my faq for quite a while. Pocket queries are custom geocache queries that can be downloaded from the website. I saw that there are preset routes, but i couldnt find a route for this road trip, or any sort of filter for high scoring caches. Our user script allows you to see your route directly on the and. So include extra time for caching on your route and plan accordingly.

Download multiple pocket queries spaced along the route. Add the downloaded caches to a bookmark list there is macro for doing it. You can run a pocket query once or set it to run automatically on a daily or. User route pq caches within a user defined corridor, scheduled o. Caches along a route home forums the wisconsin geocaching association suggestion box caches along a route this topic contains 1,720,835 replies, has 6 voices, and was last updated by hogrod 14 years, 2 months ago.

Change the radius setting to essentially how far off your route would like to travel. Gps tracklogcreating pocket queries with gsak gps tracklog. Gdak uses databases created by the gsak program, so you will also need to have gsak installed on your pc and create one or more databases there before using gdak. Gsak is a commercial program but you are able to download and use it for 21 days with full functionality. Export all of the waypoints into mapsource from gsak, leaving the gc numbers in tact. Pc program to manipulate pqs, download data to your gps, log multiple caches simultaneously, generate. Gsak 101 pdf come out to learn some more about geocaching and some of the helpful tools out there the geocaching swiss army knife gsak.

The route will be compressed a little, in order to limit resource usage in gsak. However, i do appreciate it even more when there are several caches along a trail so i get more bang for my effort. Im much more likely to hit the trail worth 5 caches for a two hour hike than i am to hit the trail with only one cache for a two hour hike. Bring up the arc polytab and click on the gsak polygonarc drawing tool to create your route when finished drawing, click. How to find highly favourited caches along a long route. If you are looking for specific caches, for example, multi caches with higher terrains, you can choose a. Pq has been created and run you can click on the pq ready for download tab.

So, ill leave the older stuff up, because it does work but ill some summaries of the newer methods first. First download the ohio delorme kml file from the main cache page. Flatcoat walker is one of the most prolific placers of caches in the area. Export the gpx file and import into to create a pockey query along a route.

Geocaching find caches along a route high chilkok s. Notifications very helpful for ftf hunting advanced statistics milestones, maps, etc. But now, and the great groundspeak lackey raine have implemented the new method for caches along a route. Gsak filters also allow you to show only caches which were placed by a certain user, caches with certain words in the title, only caches that were placed on a certain date for jasmer challenges, caches that havent been found for a year or more for resuscitator challenges, caches with certain attributes, caches along a defined route, caches. They are in a format you can bring along with you on cache hunts on your gps andor smartphone. Caches along a route instrucitons gps geocaching forums. If youre passing through colorado, download all the. Way point s along a route how do i find caches along a route. A power trail is a set of consecutive caches along a route that allows cachers to find a large number of caches in a small amount of time and distance. Ill soon be driving to halifax then pei, from ottawa, and i was wondering if theres a tool which would help me find some top quality caches i could stop for along the way. Ill look at find caches along a route in another post. When i downloaded and installed gsak geocaching swiss army knife to my pc last year, ill be the very first to admit i was stumped.

You can also export your data to gpx, csv, gsak, bookmark lists, etc. Having caches on my resume that no one else has is fun for me. Gsak is an application designed to provide complex databases containing geocaching information stored in gpx and log file format. Open gsak and load all of your gpx files using the instructions on my previous caches along a route instructions. In gsak select access from the top menu bar and you should see an option in. Gsak is the all in one geocaching and waypoint management tool. Now remember when i said my local database of unfound caches in. Gsak stands for geocaching swiss army knife and it is a product which is an all in one geocaching. These files can be downloaded by premium members from the site, either indvidually from the cache page, or as a group of caches. You can give them a distinctive set of usort numbers by going back to the options menu under the tools tab and entering a.

They are usually placed right at or just over the 528 feet limitation from the previous and next cache. You can use the gsak arcpoly filter for this see that tab on the filter dialog. Now i can get live cache data from a route online rather than having to download all of ohio into gsak, export all the caches as streetmaps pushpins, import them into streets and trips, create the route and then show caches within. Allows you to retrieve caches from trips, and optionally update them via the live api. If this is for your gsak database of local caches, remember it needs to be the same for each pocket query. Geocaching is an outdoor activity practiced worldwide, which consists of hiding and seeking containers geocaches or caches and which can be found with the help of gps devices or other navigational techniques. Gsak geocaching swiss army knife is a quoted straight from their website all in one geocaching and waypoint management tool. With windows 7 it will also install a folder on the app data folder in the user folder user\app data\roaming\gsak this is the location where all of. Chart and diagram slides for powerpoint beautifully designed chart and diagram s for powerpoint with visually stunning graphics and animation effects.

This updated all my caches and created a bunch more. Quickly and easily see what caches you have planned and what caches you or any of. Cache list to gpx route file one of the most useful tools available to gsak users is the ability to create a cache list to gpx route file. Full listings, including logs, are exported for all caches within the area of the route. Advanced search sort and filter the caches that you want to find lists. With this menu you will be able to manage your database. This is how i put together a geocaching trip using gsak as my primary tool. Creating pocket queries with gsak july 17, 2014 by adrian faulkner 2 comments as regular readers will know, im a big fan of a piece of software called the geocaching swiss army knife or gsak and recommend it to any serious geocacher. Geocaching learn gsak and puzzle solving chris hache. For this example, im going to run a query of caches in dublin, so ill call it dublin.

Multiple databases, sendingreceiving waypoints to gpsr, leaflet maps, live api, online logging, conversion to many mapping formats, html output, extensive searching, macro support, backup and restore, distancedirection from other waypoints including caches, locations, post codes and much. How to prepare for a power trail geocachers compass. Make sure to weed out caches that are too hard to find or might be missing ahead of time. You can select a gpx or loc text file that works with supported software applications. Lab caches do not show up in a my finds pocket query you will get a difference between finds and gsak finds. Show me hsak the number of caches included along the route. Open the downloaded gpx file with the gsak macro getcachesonosmroute. A little update to my rudimentary gsak tutorial i created this little tutorial several months ago, but thought i would put it back near the top of the blog in case others will find it useful. Offline maps save and download a list for offline use award favourite points. Someone in our local forum asked about caches along a route and i. I may need to rethink a method of exporting caches along a route where the route is particularly long and linear. For most of what i do, gsak version 8 or newer is required. Most likely, you came here from my main faq, but if you didnt, heres a link to the explanation. To start off, we need to give gsak permission to post logs on your behalf.

Allows you to create filters in gsak based on an autogenerated route on a trip on cachetur. The first course, aimed at people who have never seen gsak or have just started using it, will start with what is gsak. Also you cant make a list of geocaches along a route. Episode 4 geocaching swiss army knife gsak advanced download. If you are looking for a pleasant walk with a few straightforward caches along the route, then this is where to turn to. What i did recently was generated a pq for all the puzzles in the area could also be caches along a route, in an area, etc. Download your route and all relevant geocaches in just two clicks. The difficulty and terrain levels are kept low to increase the ease of finding the containers. Get geocaches built into gsak gpx or loc file or pocket query pq file get data via email built into gsak receive from gps built into gsak if you followed the directions for one of the methods to load caches into gsak, then you are ready to manipulate, sort, filter, print, or otherwise manage your geocache data in gsak.

In this lesson we will look at a special situation bringing lab caches into gsak lab caches are placed at times surrounding special events e. Gsak is a geocaching management tool available for download. You may currently use memory map, gsak and other tools for planning your. Of downloading my pq and then manually importing into gsak. And finally, try not to go more than halfmile off of the route unless theres a really special cache along the. I exported my gsak list to a gpx, imported it back into a temp database, and then imported the pq on top. This is extremely handy when attempting a series of caches where the most efficient route between each is not easy to determine. Waypoints along a route how do i find caches along a route. Explore the world through geocaching your aaa network. Download the pq into gsak and then use the menu to create a list. In this example, ill plan a trip to the pacific crest trail near san diego, ca. Download caches along a route, learn about new caches, and more. Now lets say there are some caches that are not on the planned route but you might want to pick them up when you are traveling to or from your main route.

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