Examples of ctq in software

On the basis of this case study, well prepare a ctq tree for one of the critical customer requirements. Ctq tree example and explanation ctq is the abbreviated term for critical to quality. I consistently wait too long to speak to a representative. However, you dont necessarily need to implement six sigma to benefit from a ctq tree. A ctq tree is a six sigma tool used to identify the needs of the customer. Comfort customers want an air conditioner to work immediately when they turn it on. A process characteristic or component that has a direct effect on whether the overall process or product is perceived by the customer to be of acceptable quality. It is a good idea to identify the critical to quality parameters as they relate to what is important to the customer at large. For example, an instruction such as improve customer service is too broad to do. Customer ctqs defining defect, unit and opportunity isixsigma. Drivers are the parameters on which a customer judges the quality of. How to make a critical to quality tree lucidchart blog. Ctq tree is a six sigma tool that is based on diagrams and helps to manufacture and provide superior quality products to customers. For example, assume a company is planning to provide call center support for.

Before you begin with preparing a ctq tree you have to. These requirements can then be taken and used to deliver. Ctq trees help businesses take customer needs and drill down to specific, actionable requirements for products or processes. They are often things that customers dont directly notice but produce results that customers demand. It is this authors opinion that two things should be monitored. The three categories identified by the kano model are. The first step in creating a ctq tree is to find out what a customers functional requirements are for a product. An example of a critical to quality tree diagram strategy tools from. Critical to quality ctq trees are used for the projection of customers needs on a specified product. A word or phrase that describes some aspect of the product or service. Ctq examples including defect, unit and opportunity. Critical to quality ctq is the quality of a product or service in the eyes of the voice of the customer voc use. Operational definitions of the flowchart steps are.

Ctqs are parameters that define in business words, the requirements of the. How to use a ctq tree with six sigma villanova university. After speaking with potential customers, one of the critical needs she identifies is good customer service. For example, the measurable requirement for the driver, must display properly on smartphone web browsers, might be for the website to display as required on. A definition of how the product or services characteristic is to be quantified.

The kano model is a tool that can be used to prioritize the critical to quality characteristics, as defined by the voice of the customer, which i will explain in greater detail below. Jesse is launching a store that sells baby clothing. Ctq or critical to quality describes productservice attributes which are. In this bright hub article, learn what a ctq tree is, as well. Ctq trees are frequently used as part of the six sigma process. Find the steps to create a ctq tree and ctq tree examples. For example, for a fast food restaurant, customers need is fast food. Need this is the starting point for understanding how to delight the client. For example, if the project is say a new standard of netbook, perhaps a customers requirement is that the netbook be light and small.

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