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Vintage high impedance springreverb tank driven by a modified old school transistor drive and recovery circuit design with added output buffer amp, tonebody control, feedback switch, pre and. Radial engineeering tank driver spring reverb interface overview. Well, turns out it is not completely trivial, but this is my. Here is a custom van amps stereo spring reverb in excellent condition. If you want to add spring reverb to a track during mixing, then a good unit to consider is the demeter rv1 real spring reverb, which is a professional spring reverb designed for studio work. Jan 06, 2016 i directly compared this with a few other spring reverb pedals. It was hard to pick a best analog spring reverb pedal, as the van amps sole mate has many features that stand up to the demeter rrp1. Most of the time, people with reverb pedals are compensating for a lack of reverb in their own amps. Radial tank driver 500 series radial engineering amber tech. The reverb circuit is inserted just before a guitar amplifiers phase inverter in a pushpull amp or just before the driver last gain stage before the power tube in a single. Information on driving spring reverb using valves tubes seems to be rather sparse, so the following is presented as a guide to valve amp designers. Its the only tube reverb i found that had warm mushy reverb instead of surf guitar bright. Oct 23, 2012 in a stroke of great luck i was fortunate enough to win this pedal in a premier guitar giveaway.

Builtin spring reverb first came to the fender amplifier with the vibroverb in 1963 and eventually to the rest of the amp line. The 10 best spring reverb pedals analog and digital. Ive been using a 1k pot for r10 but this seems to make no difference on the verb. Fender, magnatone, and ampeg all quickly licensed the technology and adapted it to their amps. Using a high impedance tank and a constant current pentode driver that eliminates the drive transformer, it is possible to build a simpler and superior spring reverb unit. Build your own spring reverb tape op magazine longform. Van amps reverbamate stereo analog reverb with pedal deck in. Reverb is one of those effects that simply will not go away.

Today, the 65 princeton reverb is as phenomenal looking, sounding and performing as ever, and is easily versatile enough to go from the living room to the recording studio to the gig with the great sound, style, reliability and authentic vintage vibe that fender players know and love. This cannot really be classed as a real project, because the circuitry is somewhat experimental, and may change quite dramatically depending on the type of spring reverb unit you can actually get your hands on. Also their tank was different from mine but from what i know now, it will probably work just fine with a 150 ohm input and that driver. I ordered this custom from van amps and it sounds great. The asr1 has been around for a few years and has gained a solid reputation, while the solemate is a newcomer added to the line to address the specific needs of those using amplifiers with. Boss fdr1 65 fender deluxe reverb amp effects pedal free usa shipping. Still uses a real reverb pan for true spring reverb sounds. Swapped out reverb tank with an old one from 1970s. Reverb tanks are available with input impedances from 8 ohms to a few k ohms. This is very useful when you want to make big layers or just a tiny reverb. The drive stage design would come from the same site and needs to be a current drive amp as the spring reverb tank uses coils as transducers, so it is needed to compensate. It can even do the semidistorted tones of 60s spy music like the old james bond theme. On some amps you can remove the tank, then connect the amps out jack to the in jack via a pot, and use the reverb circuit as a solo gain circuit.

The tank driver is a unique 500 series modules that allows you to drive balanced line level signals through guitar amp reverb tanks, optimized to work with both modern and vintage spring reverb models. Everything i know about spring reverb an mk2 version of music thing modulars spring reverb module went on sale this weekend. That pedal show thoughts on five spring reverb pedals and. The reverb tank is not fact i have no idea where it came from or what condition its in. Ive been using it as my clanky main reverb for the last five years or so. The vintage reverb tones from the new van amps solemate jr.

Hammond organ company invented the spring tank reverb effect in 1960. Playing amp with reverb tank removed the gear page. These are some notes about what the module does, how it was designed. The uverbia real spring tank reverb pedal screaminfx. A peek inside exposes a beautifully wired circuit board made from. Vintage high impedance springreverb tank driven by a modified old school. Vacuum tube reverb circuits traditionally have used a lowimpedance reverb tank coupled to the driver tube by a small output transformer. It sucks tone less and is way more accurate to the sounds of a spring reverb outboard unit. The van amps sole mate is one of the best analog spring reverb pedals around with one of the highestquality reverb tanks. Confirmed that when lightly shaken i can hear the reverb spring loud and clear. Op amp has spring driver coil in feedback path to input.

It is also made in a wide variety of colors and patterns to match your style. Spring reverb is the broadband resonance generated by vibrating one or more metal coils held under tension. A simple test of the send section is to disconnect the tank input wire and connect it to a speaker. Spring reverbs are often prized due to the unique tone they generate and the. Anarchy audio spring driver analog spring reverb for. Reverbamate analog spring reverb daves guitar shop. Amps in this episode fender super reverb reissue with 4 x 10inch jensen p10r speakers. A reverb tank requires a driver a small power amp to drive the springs, and a preamplifier stage afterwards to make up the substantial gain losses in the springs and return a line level reverb signal. This type of reverb comes from an acoustic phenomenon, the sound emitted by a speaker will be broadcast according to a cone of propagation. Designed old school, for use with vintage amps of the tweed, brown and blackface eras, or any amp with two separate channels. The tank then delays the signal and sends it into the output section of the amp. Solemate vanamps llc is proud to introduce the newest member of the reverbamate series, solemate. I checked the spring reverb by using a headphone amp to power an aux send from my mixer, so it does work, it just needs a lot of gain. The original reverbamate by vanamps, the reverb that started it all.

Ill post up a schematic when i have a few more values, but i was hoping someone could help me with a few questions. Spring reverb was invented by hammond and first used in their organs to. If youre not comfortable working inside of a tube amp with deadly live voltages then you need professional help at. The dwell circuit is worth the price of admission alone, dampening. Six real spring reverb pedals for your reverb news. Spring reverb tanks are used to create a unique reverberation effect in guitar amps and organs. This fantastic effect was lightweight and inexpensive, making it very adaptable to both organs and guitar amplifiers. How spring reverb works a spring reverb unit is comprised of three main components. The reverb circuit is inserted just before a guitar amplifiers phase inverter in a pushpull amp or just before the driver. Spring reverb rob robinettes car and tube amp website. The coupling capacitor is required because there is high dc voltage on the plate of the triode, but the reverb tank will not tolerate those high voltages on its input. Spring reverb drive amp im currently designing a new drive amp for my accutronics reverb tank since ive learnt a little bit about electronics. It was first incorporated in a fender amplifier with the vibroverb of 1963 and then spread widely throughout the amp line, just as vibratotremolo had before it.

Many tube amps built in the 50s and 60s had multiple input channels for use with accordions, microphones and of course guitars. Playing amp with reverb tank removed discussion in ampscabs tech corner. Spring reverb drivers information on driving spring reverb using valves tubes seems to be rather sparse, so the following is presented as a guide to valve amp designers. Spring reverb, kleinanzeigen jetzt finden oder inserieren. Spring reverb in vintage pro audio equipment for sale ebay. Socalled stereo units still operated into a single, rearmiddle speaker. Mosfet spring reverb driver solid state guitar amp forum. Vanamps reverbamate asr1 and solemate premier guitar. This simple, inexpensive spring tank reverb circuit is taken from the fender hot rod deluxe. Oct 21, 2009 the reverbamate analog spring reverb, or asr1, and the reverbamate solemate are compact spring reverb units that utilize analog solidstate circuitry. The fender reverb unit 6g15 outboard tube, spring reverb equipped effects unit were originally introduced in 1961. Spring reverb tanks explained and compared antique. Like the original blackface era princetons, the mojotone amp has the added gain stage after the reverb that pushes the amp to a thicker level of saturation when the amp.

But that is not the only way to drive a reverb tank using a vacuum tube, and in fact it is not the best way. This article considers only the driver stage, and not the reverb recovery stage which is usually a simple triode gain stage, unfortunately. Since then the modular synth thing has gone generally batshit, and tom of music thing recently came up with a spring reverb driver module in 4hp as a smaller alternative to the 8hp doepfer a. Tube spring reverb standalone diy guitar amp with hammond organ spring reverb diy spring reverb pre and postamps gearslutz add reverb tremolo spring reverb spring reverb eurorack spring reverb. The 10 best spring reverb pedals analog and digital 20190323 by wikiadmin leave a comment reverb is easily one of the most popular and most talkedabout types of guitar pedals out there because it is so useful for creating depth and space in your sound. A transformerless constantcurrent reverb driver introduction. It uses a single, less than one dollar tl072cp op amp as the reverb driver and reverb recovery amps. The wave is a versatile standalone, tubedriven analog spring reverb unit kit. The lamington reverb a better valve reverb unit valve. Guitar pedal x gpx blog 12 of the best spring reverb. It is also equipped with a pedal pad for mounting pedals on the top of the unit. Basically if you are in front of the speaker, you receive everything right in the teeth but at the same. If a chip amp is used its generally easier to use a resistor in series with the tank drive coil, but thats not without its problems.

Two controls allow you to serve up a wide range of wetness from just a touch to over the top psychedelia. The wave is a versatile standalone, tube driven analog spring reverb unit kit. In guitar amplifiers, the spring reverbs are usually enclosed in a metal box, called the reverb pan, which is attached to the bottom of the amp. A signal is driven into the drivers attached to one end of each spring, labeled input, which acts like a speaker. I tested the first one i got in, against the reverb in my 66 fender deluxe reverb amp. It is a really cool spring reverb pedal that combines a 3 short spring reverb tank with a.

Spring reverb a flexible, easytobuild voltage controlled. The greatest spring reverb hi, i am looking at getting a real spring reverb or two for stereo to record my synths and guitars through as well as use to re amp various sounds during mixing. I replaced both reverb preamp tubes thought i might have a microphonic tube but the problem still persists. C3 is the coupling capacitor that couples the driver to the reverb tank. Effects kit mod kits, the wave, spring reverb amplified. While there are some excellent dsp digital signal processor based reverb systems that sound very natural, the unique sound of spring reverb tanks is still preferred by a great many. Ive designed and made a spring reverb tank driver pedal. Following up the vanamps reverbamate is the solemate, a solidstate analog spring verb that will give you a unique, sparkling reverb for your oneinput amp. The reverberation effect is created when an audio signal created by a transducer is sent through one or more springs, the movement of the springs is then converted back into an audio signal by another transducer at the other end, creating the unique.

A modern reverb tank consists of drivers, transmission springs, pickups, and a shock mounting system. Vintage tones abound with its three spring reverb tank, and youll find plenty of headroom for a smaller or spacier reverb because of its bipolar, fully regulated power supply. Spring reverb units are most commonly used in guitar amps, having been replaced by digital effects in most other areas. Iconic sound and style a historically significant amp used on countless hit songs for decades. Reverberation made its debut at fender using a spring unit bought from hammond in 1961. Old school spring reverb literally uses the movement of springs to delay and replicate an audio signal. Anyone used an external spring reverb pedal telecaster. Leo fender used the 12at7 tube as his reverb driver because, despite usually being used as a preamp tube, the 12at7 has high current capability, and can drive a reverb spring. This controls the amount of gain the dry signal has that feeds the reverb circuit, i. It can be used in front of your guitar amp or as a linelevel analog reverb effect for the recording studio. Reverb short for reverberation simulates the reflected sound from a rooms interior. Has a dwell knob to set the length of the reverb sounds. The uverbia is a real spring reverb pedal which has a driver that sends a signal to a spring tank in a similar manner to a guitar amplifier. Suche van amps sole mate jr junior spring reverb tausch gegen rot.

Radial engineerings tankdriver is a unique 500 series module that enables you to connect the spring reverb in your old fender twin amp to your. The next problem to think of which would be on my very high suspicion list for a 10 year old amp is component failure that causes the reverb driver or recovery tube to go out of bias. In 2006, van amps released the solemate spring reverb pedal, which. It doesnt matter how accurate a spring reverb algorithm is on any digital pedal. This unit has two separate reverb tanks and electronics combined in the same housing. Low, a pot playing on the 2 band active eq, precisely on low frequency side. A follower whether tube, bjt or mosfet is used when you want to transform an rather high impedance tube plate into a low impedance reverb tank. So clearly theres a problem with the driver circuit. The sole mate can get that same sound, but seems more focused.

Worked the reverb in and out cables to make sure connections were good. The mojotone princeton reverb style amp is a 1215 watt miniature giant that comes stock with a jensen c10q 10 35 watt speaker and 2 6v6 power tubes. In addition, a plugpack power supply similar to the one used in the lamington junior amp can be used to. If you have an old amplifier that is not working, you can pull the spring reverb out of the box and set it on a table. All that remained was to make a driver and pickup amplifier circuit how hard could that be. The mind blowing tone comes from the fact that this pedal has a real spring tank, not a digital modeling unit that is commonly found in many pedals. The way the reverb functions is that there is a small power amp that drives the signal into the tank. This article considers only the driver stage, and not the reverb recovery stage which is usually a. The 10 best spring reverb pedals analog and digital wikiaudio. Jul 09, 2016 vintage high impedance spring reverb tank driven by a modified old school transistor drive and recovery circuit design with added output buffer amp, tonebody control, feedback switch, pre and.

Its a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at. Spring reverb was invented by hammond and first used in their organs to liven up the tone in acoustically flat church interiors. This pedals normal signal is worlds above the boss frv1 and most other spring reverb pedals. You dont need to use tubes, a simple circuit like link i posted above is sufficient, as is the method described in the ty is pretty article. The soul mate can get that same sound, but seems more focused. In practice, some sort of variable mixing arrangement, such as a linear potentiometer, is used to adjust the proportions of direct signal at the input and reverbed signal from the output that is fed to the final output of the reverb circuitry block. Dc voltage doesnt pass though a capacitor, hence the existence of c3. Unfortunately it looks pretty bad the fender tube reverb reissue is icepicky bright and unless you want to dial back treble to 0 its basically instant surf guitar. Reverberation made its debut in the fender line as a separate item, using a spring unit bought from hammond, in 1961. Swapped out reverb driver and recovery tubes with the ones from my twin. Simply disconnect the two rca connectors going to the spring reverb and connect the tank driver as described above. The usual choice for a tube amp is something in the 1 to 5 k ohm range, which can be driven from a dc blocked tube plate. This is how i refined the sigma drive spring reverb that i made.

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